Wei-Fan Chiang, a graduate student working with the School of Computing’s Zvonimir Rakamaric and Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, has won the prestigious NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship. This program awards $25,000 to each of eleven Ph.D. students involved in computer research, selected from a pool of hundreds of applicants in 39 countries.

According to NVIDIA Chief Scientist Bill Dally, this honor “recognizes and supports excellence in GPU [graphics processing units] computing research in universities worldwide and builds relationships between NVIDIA and the academic community.”

Chiang’s research focuses on on formal error detection and analysis of GPU programs.

“It is a great pleasure and honor to learn that Wei-Fan won this year’s NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship,” says Rakamaric. “He is a tenacious, hard-working student who is genuinely enthusiastic about his research. We are thrilled he was recognized and rewarded by NVIDIA through their notable academia outreach program.”

More details about the NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship are available at: http://blogs.nvidia.com/2013/04/nvidia-awards-275000-to-11-gpu-computing-geniuses/