John Warnock

Adobe co-founder and U alumnus Dr. John Warnock delivered the keynote lecture at the 16th annual Rocco C. and Marion S. Siciliano Forum held at the University of Utah on March 5, 2013.

The Siciliano Forum brings together students, faculty and the local community to discuss challenges facing the nation. Warnock’s address was part of this year’s four-day Forum titled “The Future of Higher Education,” emphasizing the ever-changing landscape of higher education in the United States.

An innovator and pioneer in software development, Warnock co-founded Adobe Systems in 1982 with Charles Geschke. His vision and passion have driven Adobe’s success from its beginnings as a small startup company to one of the largest, most recognizable brands in the world.

Warnock holds B.S. (mathematics and philosophy), M.S. (mathematics), and Ph.D. (electrical engineering and computer science) degrees from the University of Utah. He has received numerous awards, including the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

The College of Engineering hosted a reception immediately following Warnock’s lecture featuring multimedia exhibits that capture the history of computing at the University of Utah. These exhibits, produced by the college under the direction of School of Computing Professor Mary Hall, illustrate the university’s early impact on computing, from producing the first computer animation to pioneering digital recording.

See Dr. Warnock’s keynote lecture “How Higher Ed Created Higher Tech” here: