SoC assistant professor Miriah Meyer has been named a 2013 TED
Fellow, recognizing her efforts in interactive visualization systems
that help scientists make sense of complex data.

As a TED Fellow, Meyer
will participate in the TED Conference in Long Beach, CA or the
TEDGlobal event in Edinburgh, U.K. Meyer and the 20 other TED Fellows
will also interact in “specially designed pre-conference programs with
training from the world’s experts in spreading great ideas.”

I’m really looking forward to participating in the TED Fellows
program, in large part because it will give me an opportunity to the
spread the word about the amazing research going on in the School of
Computing, the SCI Institute and the College of Engineering,” Meyer
says. “The TED vision seems very much in line with our focus on tackling
challenging and important problems that matter for our quality of life
today, as well as in the future.”

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