Paul Tikalsky, Ph.D., P.E., chair and professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah, has been elected a Fellow (foreign) of the National Academy of Engineering of the Czech Republic (EACR), a member organization of the International Council of Academies of the Engineering and Technological Sciences. The announcement was made at the annual meeting of the EACR in Prague and recognizes the contributions Tikalsky has made in advancing simulation-based reliability assessment techniques for long-life structures in the European Union and the Czech Republic. 

Tikalsky was one of 12 new fellows elected to EACR this year to join the 140-member Academy. In a country with 350,000 engineers, the EACR was founded to recognize the eminent engineers that contribute to the country’s technological development and its international standing in the European and global engineering community. 

A former senior research fellow with the Czech National Academy of Science’s Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Tikalsky has supported graduate student exchange and collaborative research between the United States and the Czech Republic. He has co-authored a book for the Czech Academy and served on numerous organizational committees for technical conferences in the Czech Republic and conducted workshops on the structure of American engineering education for both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.