3rd Annual Utah Youth Summit on Improving the Quality of Life
Date:  June 23-25
Cost:  $25 (fee waivers available)
Who:  High School Students
Registration:  www.ece.utah.edu/~cfurse/Summit (Register by June 1)

Quality of Life is an important topic when examining energy issues, medical care, transportation or day-to-day living, and poses many critical challenges for Utah and the world.  Learn more about how this important topic impacts many engineering, medical and political decisions and leads to many of the innovations that we need and enjoy in our daily lives.  Find out about important projects in Chemical, Electrical, Civil & Environmental, Computer, Mechanical, Materials Science and Bioengineering departments and talk to faculty and students.

Intro to Entertainment Arts and Engineering
Date:  June 9-29
Cost:  $200 per week
Who:  High School Students (9th-12th)
Registration:  www.cs.utah.edu/camps/eaeprogram

Students design and build digital characters of their choice for games, animations or machinima. The Entertainment Arts and Engineering Summer Program (EAESP) in computer graphics for high school students combines theory with practical projects, enabling students to understand computer graphics at a high level. The EAESP will introduce students to concepts of 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and rendering, using some of the most advanced software in the industry, such as Autodesk May and Adobe Photoshop.

GREAT Summer Camps

Date:  Six one-week camps in June and July (see www.cs.utah.edu/camps for specific dates)
Cost:  Varies
Who:  Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students
Registration:  www.cs.utah.edu/camps

The GREAT summer camps are aimed at students who want to unleash their creativity while learning about computer graphics, robotics and programming by making games, animation and robots.