Dr. John White, an expert in neural engineering, joined the University of Utah team in September 2007 as a USTAR faculty member in the College of Engineering, the College of Medicine and the Brain Institute. He came to Utah from Boston University where he was professor and chair ad interim of Biomedical Engineering, director of the Neuronal Dynamics Laboratory, associate director of the Center for Memory and Brain, and associate director of the Center for Biodynamics. Professor White’s research into the function of the brain has yielded almost $10M in support from the National Institute of Mental Health, NSF, NIH, the Whitaker Foundation and other sources. He is perhaps best known for development of digital systems to allow computers to communicate with circuits of the brain and for research to understand how biological noise and neural architecture alter brain function in health and disease.

Professor White holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering from the Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Louisiana Tech University.