Nestled in the foothills of the spectacular Wasatch Mountains, the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering had its origins in the State School of Mines, established in the 1890s. Dedicated to enhancing Utah’s mining industry, it was among the first engineering programs west of the Mississippi River. A strong tradition of educational and technical support for local industry continues to the present day.

The first modern four-year engineering degree at the school was introduced in 1895. Joseph F. Merrill was the first principal and the Merrill Engineering Building was named in his honor. According to University records, Richard Lyman was recruited from Brigham Young Academy to teach the technical engineering curriculum. Lyman organized the first Department of Engineering in 1896.

During the past 127+ years, the College has graduated more than 30,000 engineers. Many engineering alumni have gone on to achieve international recognition in industry, manufacturing, research, education, law, medicine and many other professions.

Some of the companies founded by graduates and faculty of the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering include: TRW, Evans and Sutherland, Silicon Graphics, Netscape, WordPerfect, Sarcos, Opto 22, Novell, Atari, Adobe Systems, and Pixar, to name only a few. Many other graduates hold executive leadership positions in companies and educational institutions around the world.

Currently, the College has more than 5,081 undergraduate students and 1,382 graduate students. The College also has 214 tenure-track faculty members and nearly$100M in annual research expenditures.

Download “A History of The College of Engineering 1850 – 2000” by Dietrich K. Gehmlich, Professor Emeritus, in PDF format (8.8 MB).


Deans of the College

Joseph Merrill
Joseph F. Merrill
Richard Ketchum
Richard B. Ketchum
Albert Taylor
Albert L. Taylor
Samuel Kistler
Samuel S. Kistler
Max Williams
Max L. Williams
Wayne Brown
Wayne S. Brown
Laurence Lattman
Laurence H. Lattman
Joseph Andrade
Joseph D. Andrade
David Pershing
David W. Pershing
Gerald Stringfellow
Gerald B. Stringfellow
Richard Brown
Richard B. Brown