Carbon Capture Multidisciplinary Simulation Center

The CCMSC is demonstrating exascale computing with V&V/UQ to more rapidly deploy a new technology for providing low cost, low emission electric power generation to meet the growing energy needs of the U.S.

Center for Controlled Chemical Delivery

CCCD holds a leading position in the fields of biomedical polymer controlled drug delivery and blood contacting devices.

Center of Excellence for Biomedical Microfluidics

CEBM is dedicated to the discovery, understanding, development and commercialization of microscale and MEMS devices for application to biological, biomedical, and medical problems.

Center for Extreme Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization (CEDMAV)

CEDMAV focuses on theoretical and algorithmic research, systems development, and tool deployment for addressing the challenge of managing, analyzing, and visualizing datasets of extreme size.

Center for High Performance Computing

CHPC provides large-scale computer systems, networking, and the expertise to optimize the use of these high-end technologies.

Center for Parallel Computing at Utah

CPU channels the array of talent at the University of Utah in the area of parallel computing in order to advance capabilities in parallel computing and to represent this collective strength to external organizations.

Institute for Clean and Secure Energy

The mission of ICSE is education through interdisciplinary research on high-temperature fuel utilization processes for energy generation, and associated environmental, health, policy, and performance issues.

Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center

We provide no-cost energy consulting services to manufacturers in the Intermountain Region. Our assessments typically require one day on site in your facility and we typically identify 10-20% energy and productivity savings.

Materials Research, Science, and Engineering Center

MRSEC works to develop new plasmonic materials to enable unique capabilities across the electromagnetic spectrum; to develop new knowledge, materials, and devices related to the spin degree of freedom in organic semiconductors; and to support education, outreach, and diversity in the materials science community at the University of Utah.

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

The University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) has a mission is to enhance the productivity and technological performance of Utah manufacturing.


The Utah Nanofab advances leading edge research and facilitates economic growth by providing world-class nanofabrication facilities, infrastructure, and staff to academia and industry.

NIH/NCRR Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing

The CIBC is dedicated to producing open-source software tools for biomedical image-based modeling, biomedical simulation and estimation, and the visualization of biomedical data.

NVIDIA CUDA Center of Excellence

The CUDA Center of Excellence at the University of Utah is using GPU technology to make significant advances in a number of scientific applications, including seismic data processing and visualization, MRI and diffusion tensor image reconstruction, cardiac electrical wave propagation simulation, combustion and fluid dynamics simulation, and several projects in large-scale scientific visualization.

Petroleum Research Center

PERC conducts research in efficient and sustainable subsurface energy production processes, in addressing challenges related to transporting complex fluids, and in developing effective processing strategies for constituting advanced fuels.

Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

The Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (RMCOEH) serves as a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health-sponsored Education and Research Center.

Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research

UCAIR provides the expertise and the infrastructure of a world-class imaging resource for the campus and the nation.

Utah Center for Neuroimage Analysis

UCNIA contributes to the excellence of the University of Utah imaging and image-based research by providing computational tools for quantitative image analysis.

Nuclear Engineering Program
Utah Nuclear Engineering Program

UNEP pursues modern nuclear research and education, including: nuclear reactor modeling and benchmarking using our own TRIGA reactor; nuclear material detection by developing new computational platforms; nuclear medicine finding synergistic approaches for cancer treatment; robust computational method developments for GEN IV reactors; radiation shielding analysis for space missions; and many more.

Utah Robotics Center

The University of Utah Robotics Center consists of faculty and graduate students from the Kahlert School of Computing and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with a curriculum that imparts fundamental knowledge about robotics and specific courses in perception, cognition, and action.

Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies

VACET focuses on leveraging scientific visualization and analytics software technology as an enabling technology for increasing scientific productivity and insight.